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The Disease of Alcoholism and its Effects on the Body

Alcohol Addiction Therapy

Alcoholism is one of the most common types of addiction. Millions of people are dependent on alcohol.

When a person becomes addicted, they will drop all self-control. Their cravings increase and they will have a desire to consume in excess. When this occurs, there are several things in the individual’s life which are affected. Things will no longer remain the same. Not only can the alcoholism has an effect on the individual, but in addition, there are effects felt by other people, such as friends, family and co-workers. Individuals who have alcoholism will often continue to drink. A number of these people won’t even realize they have a issue. While they are destroying their life and the lives of those about them, they all are going to have the ability to consider is getting their next drink.


Of treatment. It’s feasible for individuals to stop drinking, however when they do this, they’ll experience withdrawal symptoms. A number of these indicators might be life-threatening and will require immediate medical attention. This is why most individuals with an alcohol addiction will profit from an inpatient alcohol rehab center rather than trying to beat their addiction on their own.

Drugs Dependency on Health
Excessive drinking is going to result in the development of several health issues. With other drugs. Alcoholism can also result in cardiovascular issues. All these risks are increased while the individual stops eating and begins to undergo withdrawal symptoms. The signs could be intense, and sometimes could lead to death.

People who consume excessive amounts of alcohol May also Possess an And hypoglycemia, kidney disease, obesity, nervous disorders, Psychological disturbances and endometriosis. Alcoholism Also Can have Serious health effects on unborn children. Caused from a mother drinking heavily while pregnant. The fetus will Suffer from physical and behavioral abnormalities.



Active Mindfulness Meditation For When You Are On The Move

I have an active mindfulness meditation I like to practice. This active mindfulness meditation can be done anywhere. Walking, sitting, in what ever environment you are in. The meditation consists of being fully aware of your different body parts. What I do is start to move all my concentration to my hands first. Not thinking of anything else but my hands. When I do this I start to feel energy in my hands. I can also feel the blood rushing through them. It’s a really awesome feeling and the more I concentrate on my hands the more energy I begin to mindfulness meditation

I then move the concentration from my hands to various body parts. Usually I go to my feet next, then my calves. I work my way up and eventually end up at my head focusing on my chin, nose, forehead, etc.

The main point of this meditation is to be fully immersed in the moment. By focusing all of your concentration on your various body parts you are in the now. You aren’t focusing on the past nor the present.